True Bible

"Seek ye out the book of the LORD, and read." —Isaiah 34:16

Step #4 - Honor Thy Father

We honor our Father when we uphold His word and the surety of His promises. God has promised that we would always have His word and even requires us to live by every word of it! So now I submit to you, read, study, preach from, and believe the King James Bible by having faith in it as God's preserved, inspired and perfect (complete) word. Quite plainly, modern versions are heavily based on corrupt Egyptian texts, and are therefore rendered inadequate. Refer to the book given below for the documented evidence of these facts. Let us review our steps. In step one, we begin with seeking God in prayer and having faith in His promises; in His word. In step two, we recognize that the various modern versions contain errors and contradictions. Logically we cannot say that they are the pure word of God, and when compared to the King James Bible, they are found wanting. In step three, we looked at some of the history behind our Bible and were able to see that God has indeed preserved His words. And now in this final step we seek to honor God by choosing the book He has honored above all others. This Bible has stood the test of time and the attacks of critics for more than 400 years. This Bible is rooted in the pure Greek and Hebrew texts as well as the language bibles of the Church of our Lord from times past. Use the King James Bible, and you can have the confidence that the book you hold in your hand is the unadulterated, pure, inspired and preserved word of God! For more information on the history and trustworthiness of the King James Bible, check out:

Forever Settled, Dr. Jack Moorman